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Indecions and procrastination are corrosive habits. Those who wait for every little thing to be perfect before they embark on a project or who dislike the compromise of a partial solution are among the least happy.
Ideal circunstances are seldom given to anyone for undertaking. Instead there is uncertainty in every situation. The wise are those who can wrest great adventure from circunstances opaque to everyone else.
Wanting everything in life to be perfect before you take action is like wanting to reach a destination without travel.
So , let's be honest to our inner peace. Every day passes whether you participate or not . If we are not careful , years will go by and we will only have regrets. If we cannot solve a problem all at once , at least make a stab at it.
In a few words:
We can not be afraid to explore;
because without exploration there are no discoveries.
Let's not be afraid of partial solutions;
Without the tentative there is no accomplishment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

to solve your life, you need roots without roots you only a tiny fragile flower, that the wind will take away. explore, that's magnificen. explore, but start with your self. life, is a jungle that noone have ever explore, your life is a rainforest that only you can know. explore, go further, further in the planet, further in the universe. explore, but if you don't want to know your roots you will explore, but you will no learn.
exciting is the world. but more exciting is our life, were we come, were we go, who are we, that's all. think, learn, read, travel, discover the secrets of the world.


9:00 PM  
Blogger estrella fugaz said...

Thank you for your comment MR/Ms Anonymous.
Only I did not get the parallel with the original text.Are you sure you read it properly? (all sarcasm aside)
Please enlight me.

9:22 AM  
Blogger god's son said...

What I tried to say is that to be fearless of exploring, we need to know who we're, whithout this is impossible to discover and without discoveries there's no other views for solutions.

I read properly your text, is just that english is not my mother tongue, I never tried to boder you just trying to enlight you.


1:13 PM  

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